Kling Biotherapeutics

Discovering new therapeutic targets and antibodies by interrogating patient-derived B cells

Our approach leverages disease fighting antibodies derived from elite responders to bring a cure to many

About Us

Kling Biotherapeutics is a clinical stage privately held biotech company focused on discovery and development of antibody based therapeutics.

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands with a fully owned IP portfolio that covers platform technologies Kling-Select and Kling-Evolve for the simultaneous discovery of novel targets and identification of fully human antibodies directly from patient-derived B cells.

Kling-Select relies on a fully-owned and clinically-validated B cell immortalization technology to identify novel therapeutic targets and antibody binders from patients with exceptional clinical responses. This technology has successfully identified novel neutralizing antibodies for various infectious diseases such as RSV (nirsevimab/Beyfortus™; on market and estimated to be a billion dollar plus product), Covid, and Influenza. More recently, Kling-Select has been applied to peripheral and tumor-infiltrating B cells derived from cancer patients and produced a portfolio of novel and selective target-antibody pairs. The unbiased nature of this discovery platform allows identification of novel targets and unique epitopes inaccessible to traditional target discovery approaches. Kling-Evolve enables the ex vivo affinity maturation of B cell clones against targets of interest. This powerful technology can be used for the rapid evolution of neutralizing antibodies against emerging viral variants or for affinity and selectivity improvement of oncology assets. Kling Biotherapeutics is progressing a unique pipeline of oncology programs with KBA1412, a first-in-class CD9 antibody, being tested in a Phase 1 clinical trial.


Kling is led by a globally experienced leadership team with an established track record in the field antibody based therapeutics.

Michael KoslowskiMichael KoslowskiCEOStefano GullaStefano GullaCSO

Board of Directors

Tim WrightTim WrightChairman, General Partner at Time BioVenturesD. A. WallachD. A. WallachDirector, General Partner at Time BioVenturesMichael KoslowskiMichael KoslowskiDirector - CEO


Arjen BakkerArjen BakkerSenior Scientist
Bas PietersBas PietersProtein Scientist
Bella MonicaBella MonicaSenior Research Associate
Casper MarsmanCasper MarsmanScientist, B Cell Platform Lead
Esmay FrankinEsmay FrankinSenior Research Associate
Gea van LaarGea van LaarExecutive Assistant & Office Manager
Jurgen HeinenJurgen HeinenSenior Research Associate
Kelly MaijoorKelly MaijoorAssociate Scientist
Martijn KeddeMartijn KeddePrincipal Scientist, Biology and Protein Sciences Lead
Peter HollemanPeter HollemanDirector Clinical Operations
Remko SchotteRemko SchotteSenior Scientist, Biomarkers and Translational Medicine Lead
Sebastian BaumannSebastian BaumannProtein Scientist
Vanessa Clerico MosinaVanessa Clerico MosinaProtein Scientist

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